/commercial photography


Commercial photography encompasses a wide variety of subjects and visual messaging for brochures, advertising, year-end financials, food photography, headshots, executive portraits, product photography and more.  This area of photography focuses on the message of the photo and its alignment with the goal of the organization. Even headshots and executive portraits should include consideration of the occupation and/or person's position to provide an appropriate look. The examples show product photography (the jewelry), service industry images (the trainer), company environments or occasions (the wine barrels and the blue lighthouse) and headshots, etc.


A good commercial photographer, in addition to photographic skill, should also be familiar with advertising and marketing. This makes it easier when working with in-house or external advertising and marketing groups. We have several years of technical product management marketing and advertising experience to draw upon.


Let Storytelling-Images photographically tell the story about your products and services. It’s easy to get started.  Contact us and let us know what you want to achieve. We’re not an advertising agency, but can work with your in-house group or an external agency to create cost-effective imagery that works.

Commercial projects are normally quoted based on the scope of the project. Simple projects may be priced at day rates and licensing only, however, larger projects may require permits, additional equipment, additional staff, hair/makeup, talent, etc. In those cases, custom quotes can be provided.

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